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Curriculum & Research

DH Research - Religious Sound Map of the Midwest

Featured Course - AL 340: Digital Humanities Seminar

Learn about AL 340.

Featured Program - German Studies PhD with a focus in the Digital Humanities

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The College of Arts and Letters has one of the longest running undergrad digital humanities programs in the U.S. Our program engages students in research, production and analysis of digital humanities.

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Set to re-launch in Fall 2015, the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities is a 9-credit sequence focusing on experiential learning that will give graduate students grounding in Digital Humanities research and pedagogy.

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Workshop: Humanities Data Curation

When: Tue, April 2, 12:00pm-1:30pm

Where: LEADR, Old Horticulture 112


LOCUS: Text Analysis

When: Thu, April 9, 3pm-5pm

Where: Library, REAL Classroom 3W (3rd Floor)