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LOCUS: Spatial Analysis in Humanities and Social Science

On February 25, 2015 I attended one out of a series of LOCUS conferences that take place throughout the year. Presented by the MSU Libraries, the College of Arts and Letters, and LEADR, LOCUS is an outlet for graduate students, faculty, and researchers to present their work and share ideas. This particular LOCUS event was in partnership with German Studies and Anthropology, and presentations were delivered from students and faculty in the German Studies, History, and Anthropology departments. Located in the REAL room of the MSU Library, I was excited to see that the room filled up entirely with presenters and an eager audience interested in learning about the research projects.

To give an idea of the variation between presentations, two of titles were: "Zulus on Display: Mapping Narratives of Ethnicity Using StorymapJS," and "Mapping Germany: Teaching Literature and Culture with Digital Media." Presentations are limited to 10 minutes so they were quick, but even so, each presentation was incredibly informative and once each was over, my interest in the research was piqued.

During the event there were two discussion periods allowing for questions and thoughts to be shared between presenters and audience members. There was never a silent moment during these periods. The audience's interest manifested in the form of questions that formed into engaging conversation. Because LOCUS events are open to anyone who wants to attend, discussion periods consisted of a wide variety of of questions and ideas. Dates for LOCUS events are posted to the DH @ MSU website. Check out the website and the audio/screen capture recordings of each of the talks. Follow the link to register, space is limited!

- by Tracy Reddington