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Required Courses for the Digital Humanities Minor

The student must complete 15 credits of coursework and experiential learning as approved by the DH Advisor:

1. The following core courses (6 credits):

DH 285 Introduction to Digital Humanities (offered every Fall) [formerly AL 285]

DH 340 Digital Humanities Seminar (offered every Spring) [formerly AL 340]

2. Two to three elective courses (6-9 credits):

These courses can come from any department and include significant digital work. All elective classes must be approved by the Digital Humanities undergraduate advisor to count toward the Minor. Examples of courses that have been used toward the DH Minor are listed on the Digital Humanities Class Options page.

3. An experiential or capstone course (3 or 4 credits*):

An internship or portfolio seminar for the major with a significant digital component or documented configuration of experiential activities such as volunteering, participating in workshops, attending seminars may be used to fulfill this requirement if approved in advance by the Digital Humanities undergraduate advisor. Further information and examples of past internships and other experiential activities can be found on the Experiential Learning page.


*See Office of Registrar for more details on the credit amount of each course.